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One powerful texting tool.
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per month
Pay as you go at $0.10 per outbound message. Replies from your clients and prospects are free.
Our flexible plan for getting started
(For sending less than 500 texts/month)
Flex plan features
Unique phone number
Two-way conversational inbox
Send and receive attachments
Automated compliance & opt-in
Appointment-generating campaign tools
Fresh content every week in your campaign library
Client & prospect analytics
Single user only
Up to 300 contacts
Email support and training videos


per month
1,000 outbound messages (SMS/MMS) included per month. Replies from your clients and prospects are free.
Our recommended plan
(For sending more than 500 texts/month)
Serve plan features
Everything in Flex, plus...
1,000 outbound messages (SMS/MMS) per month
Keyword text-in flows
Website widget for opt-ins
Invite up to 5 team user profiles
Up to 1,000 contacts
#TextMe audience growth kit
Priority email support, training videos, and strategy calls by request


per month
2,500 outbound messages (SMS/MMS) included per month. Replies from your clients and prospects are free.
The perfect plan for mid to large firms
For sending more than 1,700 msgs/mo
Grow plan features
Everything in Serve, plus...
2,500 outbound messages (SMS/MMS) per month
Send video messages
Appointment automations
Unlimited user profiles
Unlimited contacts
Priority support with a 24-hour response time guaranteed and unlimited strategy calls


Common questions that advisors ask about Convos
Does Convos have a list of preferred VOIP providers that are best and can integrate with my CRM?

At this time we are set up to activate most existing VOIP systems but it is something that we are still testing. As we bring on new access members, we can work with you to test the activation process for you on your behalf.

Do you need to use your existing office phone number?

Not at all. We know some advisors want to be able to text from the same number their clients are already familiar with, while others will find value in a brand new phone number altogether. There are various reasons this might be the case. Perhaps you share an office number with other advisors. Or maybe your firm requires you to use a new number because of a specific compliance policy. Regardless of your reason, Convos can easily provision a new text-enabled phone number for you and your team. If you need calling (i.e. VOIP) set up on this number, we can help with that – just ask!

Can you text-enable your existing office phone number?

You most definitely can! During sign up, we'll ask you to enter your office phone number. We'll then do a quick authorization process to verify that you are indeed the owner of this number. Once you verify ownership, we'll get text messaging access from your service provider and you'll be up and running in no time. And don't worry – normal calling and faxing WILL NOT be disrupted whatsoever.